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Free Photoshop Templates for Photographers

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Ever wondered how some photographers or photography businesses manage to put together amazing montages of images? Well, they most likely use templates.
With our free Photoshop collage templates for photographers, you can do the same thing too. You’ll be sharing portrait, wedding and lifestyle montages in no time.
A person placing printed photos together in a wooden frame

Why You Should Use Photoshop Collage Template

Templates are a great way to show off your images. No doubt you have flicked through a magazine, and seen any number of these, covering many different topics.
They are used by lifestyle photographers as they offer a way to show many photographs inside one whole image. They are great for wedding photography, showing off details alongside wider shots.
If you’re a family photographer, parents will definitely appreciate images like these of their children. Many images of children can be placed inside one framed image, cutting down on costs and wall space.
These collage templates can look very professional, as long as you’re careful when picking images. They need to fit the style of the template, the orientation needs to match, and the images need to look great.

Free Photoshop Collage Templates

You can find your free photography collage templates here. Inside the zipped file, you’ll find six collage templates.
Two have a landscape orientation, one is completely portrait oriented, one mixes portrait and landscapes together.
The last two are a little different as they eliminate the border. These two are known as Masonry collage templates, and I’m positive you will have a lot of fun playing with them.
[put template downloads here]

How to Use our Free Photoshop Collage Templates

Handy Photoshop Tips

Before we go any further, we should have a look at some really handy Adobe Photoshop tips. Using shortcuts is the fastest way to progress through your workflow.
For using these photoshop layout templates, there are two really useful keyboard shortcuts. One is the Alt + Mouse Wheel shortcut. This lets you ‘zoom’ in and out of an image really fast. Otherwise, you need to click on the magnifying glass icon all the time.
The second is the Ctrl + T shortcut. By pressing these, you enter into the ‘Free Transform’ feature.
This is where you can resize your images very fast. Once you click on this, you’ll see a bigger box around your image with eight tiny boxes, one along each edge and one on each corner.
By clicking and dragging on these, your image will resize. This is really handy for making the picture fit the layer you are working with.
If you combine this with the Maintain Aspect Ratio button, you won’t have to worry about keeping the aspect ratio.
A screenshot showing how to use Free Photoshop Collage Templates
Once you are happy, press Enter, or the big tick at the top of the screen.
NB: When you resize an image, and you find you want to change it, return to it and press Cmd/Ctrl + T. Or use the Undo button (Ctrl + Z).

Step 1 – Upload the Template

Open Photoshop. You will be presented with the Recent/Open file dialog box. Click on Open, and locate your template.
You will see something that looks like this.
A screenshot showing how to use Free Photoshop Collage Templates
If this is your first time using Photoshop, or you haven’t used it so intensively before – don’t fret. Here you can see all of the areas you are going to work with.
To Open images – Click on File>Open
Layers – The Layer panel is located in the bottom right by default. Here, is where all the magic happens. All you need to know is that in this template, there are 4 layers; Border, Right, Bottom left and top Left.
Each layer has a Smart Object and a VectorMask. The former on the left, the latter on the right. The Smart Objects are what you want to click. These are represented by checkered boxes.
The vector mask is only to show you the Smart Object’s position and orientation. Basically, it lets you know where the checkered box is located.
That is all we are going to use here. If you need to do any editing, cropping or adjustments, it is better to do them before this step.
A screenshot showing how to use Free Photoshop Collage Templates
In this template, you’ll be adding three landscape orientated images. The images appear to be in a weird order, but we have based the order on which comes first in the layers panel (bottom right).
The border is white, and if you follow our steps, it will separate your images.
A screenshot showing how to use Free Photoshop Collage Templates

Step 2 – Insert Images

To open an image, double-click on one of the checkered boxes in the layer panels. You can work through them as you wish, but I prefer to work from the top-down. Others prefer to work across the template, from left to right.
Once you double-click here, a new window will open up. This is the section of the template you are adding your image to. Go to File>Open, locate your image and press enter.
This will open your image in a new tab. Go to the tab, locate the Move tool ( ) at the top of the toolbar on the left-hand side. Drag the image over to the last tab.
Once in that section, let go of the image.
Chances are that the template section and your image have very different sizes or resolutions. The image could be four times bigger than the template section. This is normal.
A screenshot showing how to use Free Photoshop Collage Templates
To get it to a smaller size, use the Cmd/Ctrl + T shortcut to access the image’s resizing box. You might have to use Alt + Mouse Wheel to zoom out enough to see it and work with it.
Once you resize and position your image, close the window. It will ask if you want to save the image, to which you need to press ‘Yes’. If you press ‘No’, nothing will happen and you will have to do it again.
If you did it correctly, you should have something like this.
A screenshot showing how to use Free Photoshop Collage Templates

Step 3 – Repeat the Process

Now, repeat the process for each section of the template. Do this until your images are in each of the sections. If you make a mistake, use the ‘undo’ button.
For this example, we need two more images to complete the template. The last two photoshop collage templates in our free downloads are masonry grids and will hold nine images altogether.

Step 3 – Flatten & Save

If you were to save this image, it would, by default, save as a Photoshop Document (PSD). To get the best jpeg, PDF or TIFF image you need to flatten your image, and this will merge all of your layers.
NB: Before doing this, make sure you do save a PSD document. This will keep all of the layers open for easier editing in the future.
To Flatten your image, right click in the layers panel and locate ‘Flatten image’. Clicking on this will merge all the layers into one background image.
Go to File> Save As and save your image set as any format you wish. For web, jpeg is fine. If you want to print the image, then t’s better to save it in a higher quality format such as TIFF or PDF.
A screenshot showing how to use Free Photoshop Collage Templates - flatten image on photoshop
There you go! You are now free to use these Photoshop collage templates in any way, shape or form.


Here, you’ll find the Amazon link for the free templates. Use them freely. Be creative and have fun!

Inspiration Examples

Landscape (Safari) – Template 1

A wildlife photography montage created with cool free photoshop templates

Landscape (Wedding Photography Collage) – Template 1

A wedding photography montage created with cool free photoshop templates

Mixed (Product) – Template 2

A sports photography montage created with cool free photoshop templates

Mixed (Wedding Photography Collage) – Template 2

A wedding photography montage created with cool free photoshop templates

Landscape Large (Astrophotography) – Template 3

An astrophotography montage created with cool free photoshop templates

Portrait (Food) – Template 1

A food photography diptych of different types of pumpkins, created with cool free photoshop templates

Masonry (Interior) – Template 5

An interior photography montage created with cool free photoshop templates

Masonry (Travel) – Template 6

A travel photography montage created with cool free photoshop templates
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